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 188 Fleet Street, London Former Coutts & Co Bank (Kingsley Roofing)   -
188 Fleet Street, London Former Coutts & Co Bank (Kingsley Roofing)   Helyer Davies Architects of Emsworth (www.hdarchitects.co.uk) were appointed to design the major refurbishment of the Former Coutts & Co Bank, 188 Fleet Street. As well as internal refurbishment, the proposed works included the construction of an additional floor to the existing building, which consisted of an engineered steel and timber frame structure and a single ply membrane waterproofing system.
 North Vat Cottage Dungeness Beach (Meridian Membranes)   -
North Vat Cottage Dungeness Beach (Meridian Membranes)   In partnership with Rodic Davidson Architects (www.rodicdavidson.co.uk), DANOSA provided a solution for this unique project in Dungeness. This existing fisherman's cottage was conceived as a ‘cluster’ of small shed-like structures, referential to the local vernacular of pitched roof huts, scattered along the beach front.There were many challenges with the design, for example, how was the roof waterproofing to be completed whilst facilitating
 The Oaks, Bramshott (Single Ply Solutions)   -
The Oaks, Bramshott (Single Ply Solutions)   This seemingly simple annex extension received extra special attention because the design incorporated an intricate cladding vision which would subsequently cover the entire building. The question was how to achieve this without compromising the waterproofing integrity.
 All Saints Church, Hanworth (AR Roofing)   -
All Saints Church, Hanworth (AR Roofing)   A roof is a silent defender of many important spaces. Often it’s forgotten but continues to serve faithfully throughout its service life regardless. But when the time comes at the end of its service life problems can begin to manifest internally. Rainwater starts to make its way into the building and before long can lead to damp patches, stained ceiling tiles and mould growth are all too common.
 Old Vicarage Place St. Austell, Cornwall   -
Old Vicarage Place St. Austell, Cornwall   The roof at Old Vicarage place covers an existing car park which is currently out of service. The existing roof, at the end its service life was showing signs of fatigue and internally there were various leaks as rainwater had found various pathways into the building.
 Saint Leonards Road, Eastbourne (Invictus Roofing)   -
Saint Leonards Road, Eastbourne (Invictus Roofing)   Often when considering flat roofs for commercial applications, not much consideration is given to the aesthetic finishes that can be achieved with the correct specification of PVC membrane. Usually hidden behind parapet walls, other materials such as cladding panels often take the centre stage.
 Seaford Head Golf Club (ICS)   -
Seaford Head Golf Club (ICS)   When developing new buildings, it is always important to consider the environmental impact. Responsible sourcing of materials is high on every priority list, along with reducing waste to landfill. But what about the local impact, such as the effects on local wildlife?
 Glentowy, Billericay (High-Tech Membrane Roofing)   -
Glentowy, Billericay (High-Tech Membrane Roofing)   The building owners of this unique project wanted privacy, having moved from a 70s built hose, they wanted a house where they felt they weren't being overlooked.
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